Dj Dimplez latest single “Bae Coupe” feat Ice Prince, Riky Rick & Emmy Gee. has been published on “CYLOSTORMWORLD” Website download it for free below



South Africa meets
Nigeria as DJ Dimplez
features Ice Prince,
Emmy Gee & Mr “Family
Values” Riky Rick on
“Bae Coupe”.
“Dj Dimplez- initially
called Dj Tumi when he
began his dj career in
2004. Although his birth
name, “Tumi” did not
appeal to Channel O Vj
Lungile Radu six months
into his career. During
an interview in the
channels popular show
called “Oboma”. A lot of
names came up which
included Tumiza,
Tombstone that were all
complete “no no’s”. Ten
seconds before lights,
camera, action, the
name Dj Dimplez came
up and that was the
turning point of his
This young gentleman in
his 20’s always had the
love for music. The idea
of Djing came as he
attended Joburg events
such as Reality and 115.
This led to him buying
his own equipment in
2003 and by 2004 he
had joined the Wits Dj
Society. Cramped in

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